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We want to thank all those who entered our first year of the Lesfic Bard Awards.  Our judges are hard at work getting those last entries read and judged.   We will be tabulating the scores and announce the winners later this year as well sending on the awards, stickers, and marketing them.  Watch this space for those announcements.

At this time we would like to extend a call for judges for the 2019 Lesfic Bard Awards.

Contact awards administrators:

Are you a lover of lesbian literature? Do you enjoy reading good books about people like yourself, being taken to places you never thought you’d go, and finding yourself in situations that might never happen in your world?

If you feel you could fairly judge the books you read, you may want to consider becoming a judge for the Lesfic Bard Awards. We are still taking applications, and we’d like to hear from you!

Read more here on our website and decide if this is something you can commit to. Lesbian authors deserve recognition for their good works, and we would like your help to bring them the attention and recognition they richly deserve.

The judging process is now open and will run through to December 31, 2019. The awards administrators will review, consult, and select the judges. Those selected will be notified via email.

Consideration will be given to all interested parties in a fair, equitable, and professional manner, but experienced judges will have priority. We have eighteen (18) categories spanning a vast array of lesbian literature, so there is something to pique many interests. Each category will be assigned up to five (5) judges. Judges may apply for more than one category but must be able to maintain their responsibilities in a fair and prompt manner for each category they choose.

Judges must complete and sign the Application of Interest form and must be accepted by our awards administrators before they begin judging. Judges must submit their scoring for all books in their category no later than February 15, 2020.

For more information regarding the Lesfic Bard Awards, the nomination process, deadlines, and eligibility, please visit

Last month of entries!


Wow, what a FIRST year for the Lesfic Bard Awards!  We can’t tell you how thrilled we are for those who chanced our new awards.  Well, we are down to the last thirty days of entries.  The cutoff is December 31, 2018 at 12pm Central Standard Time.  Please get your PDF’s of your awards in by that date so we can get them to our wonderful and impartial, much less anonymous judges.  The awards will be announced in 2019.  The beautiful awards will be sent out then as well.


Also, because we believe in equal opportunity for all, we will be setting up the Gay Scribe Awards on their own site for the 2019 season.  They will be accessed at in the coming few days.  Please tell all the Gay Literature writers that you know to check us out.  We already have our page set up on Twitter and Facebook.

Concerns about Piracy

Concerned about your manuscript being pirated and put up on an illegal site?  We have a suggestion that will help alleviate that concern.  We will accept manuscripts with watermarks in them.

If you don’t already know how to put a watermark in your finished manuscript, the following instructions will help you.

Go to the Design section of Word while in your manuscript.  The screen should look something like this:

Design PageWatermarkNext, go to the Watermark tag and click on it.  Then, click on Text watermark and in the Text box write Lesfic Bard Awards Entry Only.  Make sure the watermark is light enough that our judges can still read the text of your story.  REMINDER: remove all references to your name, your book’s title, and the publisher from the manuscript, so you are not disqualified.

Printed Watermark

After entering the watermark text, click ok.  And don’t worry, this process is totally reversible if you need your manuscript for other uses.  Meanwhile, this makes it harder for someone to ‘steal’ or ‘pirate’ your copyrighted story.  Make sure you save this copy as a PDF, so you can send it to us for judging.

Submission with watermark.JPG

We hope this addresses the concerns of those who have asked what happens to their PDF manuscripts.  We are striving to make ours the best awards site with the fairest judging!

Problems with your PDF?

Lesbian Authors get it writeWe are given to understand that some authors are having difficulty getting the required PDF from their publishers.  In order to protect the anonymity of the books entered, the author, the title, and the publisher must be stripped from the copy we receive.  It isn’t hard, but apparently some of the publishers are reluctant to do this.

If you can get a PDF from your publisher, you, as the author can convert the PDF to a Word copy and strip these things from the manuscript so that you can then convert it back to a PDF and enter our awards.

Winners will not only get great press for their book, but so will their publishers.  An award-winning book adds prestige to an author’s portfolio but it also shows that the publisher knew they should publish such a great book and took a chance on the author!

Email us if you are having difficulty getting your PDF ready for us!  We are here to help you get your book recognition!